Welcome to the Dissolution doujinshi!
The aim of this project is to translate the wonderful written world created by Richard Lee Byers in the first book of the War of the Spider Queen series into a doujinshi form.

To those new to doujinshi or doujin in short, this is the japanese expression of fancomics. In keeping with the tradition of this comic artform, the following points are to be understood:

  • The project does not claim ownership of the characters or the original work
  • The artist does not claim employment by Wizard of Coast
  • No money is made from this project (ie. that means no advertising fees either! Kaga is a serious fan here:P)
  • The comic will be drawn in manga style
  • Finally, we at the Nest would like to add that we will not be drawing the entire book-Go buy a copy yourself if you want the ending.

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War of the Spider Queen - Dissolution