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 A Canadian artist who does alot of video game fanart

Formerly Black Dream it has since changed it's name to
 -original art


 Julie Dillon  is also a brilliant artist. She once won a contest held on the website of Amano

Lost Garden

 Beautiful watercolours LOTR artist. Finwe and family seem to be the fav topic. (Japanese website)


 Wolfina-sama's art is sinfully beautiful. He seems to like fanart from
games by Capcom.

(Japanese website)

Paradox Carnival

Yurihisa Washitaka sama's art has a dreamy quality to them.
(Japanese website)


A Silmarillion fanartist, his(?) style is simple but the true gems are in the story
(Japanese website)

Angel Dust

English Art site by Chinese artist Fan Yang


She draws lovely Full Metal Alchemist pics
(Japanese website)

KING'S BLUE-GREEN She does alot of the Noldor elflords especially Glorifindel. This was the first time I've seen Erestor done in manga style.
(Japanese website)
City of Flowers(?) LOTR Art so awesome, it could cause a heartattack. ^_~
(Japanese website)

 Has a huge Thranduil fanart base
(Japanese website)

Grandfather Teahouse  The artist mainly does drawings of the wizards from LOTR.
(Japanese website)
La Pensive d'Harry Potter Harry Potter fanart dones in a very unique style and design.
(France website)
Monster Lovers A mother lode of mythic creatures illustrations
(Japanese website)
Neoclassic Darkly romantic style
(Korean website)


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