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Death of Pharaun

Series: War of the Spider Queen

Remarks: The end for Pharaun the drow mage from the War of the Spider Queen Series

Kyou Kara Maou Brothers

Series: Kyou Kara Maou

Remarks: I am trying to capture the Demon brothers at an earlier point of time in their lives. The two younger brothers are hard to draw.

Dante Kitty

Series: Devil May Cry

Remarks: Edge had abit of fun with Dante here.

Look out the cat again in the doujinshi featuring Mary in Wonderland to be posted later^_^!

Tower of Air

Series: Harry Potter

Remarks: Inspired by Cluegirl's fic by the same name. It basically tells of a memorial tower in Hogwarts, the piece was created before the 6th book- in the light of the events of HBP it's ironic.

The Smith's Daughter and her Lover

Previously Suryallee at deviantart had commented that it'll be nice to have more pics from the Tolkein universe and I commented that I'll probably do the Spirit of Fire next.

Thus here is Nerdanel, daughter of Mahtan, and her lover Feanor of the Nolder during the early days of their courtship.

I've intentionally simplify the clothing of the couple and have Feanor tie bandages about his arms as I imagine, they both work heavily in the smithery at this point of their lives.


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